22 February, 2017

Chettinad Eeral(goat liver) gravy!

This is my most favourite non veg food that I can have Jus this as a maincourse!!

Liver is loaded with vitamin B, B12 more of iron and many more unique benifits ! 

In recent times heard that it's one of the diet foods in paleo !!


Liver (cubed) - 250 gms

Shallots(small onion) (chopped) - 100grms

Tomato 🍅(chopped)  - 1medium size

Garlic (sliced) - 6 cloves

Fennel seeds/sombu - 1 tsp

sambar powder /(chilli coriander pwd-2:1)- 1 and half table spoon

Oil- 2tsp

Salt as needed

Method :

Temper fennel seeds in hot oil

One by one drop in garlic,  onion and saute till transculant 

Add in 🍅 and saute till mushy

Add in liver.... Saute for a minute

On low flame add in sambar powder.... Saute for 30 sec

Add in half cup water... Close with as lid... Let it cook for 10 min on low flame... 

Garnish with chopped coriander leaves!

Accompanies well with idly/dosa/ curd rice! 🍛

20 February, 2017

Hidden 🍞🍳

Hidden 🍞🍳
Jus beat eggs along with chopped onions, dash of  pepper jeera powder,  finely chopped green chilly, salt and bit of coriander leaves.

Pour on hot pan.... Place a slice of 🍞 and fold the omlete corners on to 🍞.....toast on both sides....
That's it...so simple and 😋

02 April, 2016

Power Pack Chocolate Pockets( flame-less cooking)

Power Pack Chocolate Pockets( flame-less cooking)

     I have a sensitive tooth that even a tsp of any sweetener develops toothache in me so I avoid sweets most often. Few days back when i crave for something sweet to eat searching my kitchen found dates and dry grapes...seeing those...He!He! A bulb glows above my head !!!! follow me to  see the procedure of PPCP(see Title for abbreviation) that melts in  mouth!!!


Dates - 1/2 cup
Cashew - 1/4 cup
walnuts - 1/4 cup
Dry grapes - 1/4 cup
Choco chips - 1 tbsp(optional)
Vanilla Extract - 1/8 tsp(optional)


1. Add De-seeded and diced dates, cashews, walnuts, dry grapes in a blender and blend for 10 seconds.
2. Add in choco chips, vanilla extract and pulse for 5 seconds
3. line butter paper/ parchment paper on a plate and set the blended mix on to it
4. freeze for 5 minutes
5. cut in desired shapes, wrap it and store in refrigerator.

Step by Step procedure pics

Add in 1/2 cup de-seeded, diced dates

Add in 1/4 cup cashews
Add in 1/4 cup walnuts
Add in 1/4 cup dry grapes
Blend all together for 10 seconds(can add in any kind of nuts/seeds of choice)
Can stop in this step to make GRANOLA BARS with no artificial agents mixed!!
Add in 1 tbsp choco chips

Add in 1/8 tsp vanilla extract(1/4 tsp is beyond limits for this recipe)
blend/pulse for 5 seconds

line a plate with butter paper / parchment paper
spread the mix onto lined plate
freeze it for 5-10 minutes
part it in desired shapes
I square parted it
wrap a piece in butter paper
Tada! our PPC pockets are ready!!
Power Packed for adults to kids!! ;-)
 Thnx  for my Daughter Thrisha who Came forward in Editing this page! Very much Appreciated Thrishi Cutty!

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