Food Facts

Food Facts
 while i was surfing thru some recipes n foods, happen to read these facts in which some are totally unknown!! and some drills my brain!!! am here sharing to drill all ur brain too ;-)....

1. Apple is made of 25% air, that is why they float.

2. Apples, onions, and potatoes all have the same taste? Why not try the test: Pinch your nose and take a bite out of each.

3. Corn always has an even number of ears.

4.  Corn makes up about 8% of the weight in a box of corn flakes.
5.  Honey is the only edible food for humans that will never go bad.

6.  Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries.

7.  Pear is a fruit that ripens from the inside out.

8.  Strawberries are the only fruit which has its seeds on its outer skin.

9. The color orange was named after the fruit.

10. The color of a chilli is no indication of its spiciness, but size usually is - the smaller the pepper, the hotter it is.

how about knowing more??!!!...yeh! hope to share more facts with you in the upcoming posts.

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