01 August, 2014

Peanut chocolate...

Peanut chocolate
     Hey all!!!...it's been a long long time since i've blogged! and now I come back with a sweet yet simple recipe which just needs 5 minutes for preparation and 2 minutes for cooking, so believe me...7 minutes of ur time gonna deserves it. you can serve it as a mid-meal snacks / evening snack / during movie time.


Cooking dark chocolate slab - 1/2 slab.
Skinless salted peanuts - 100 grams.
Butter - 2 tblspn.
Corn starch - 1 tsp ( gives the silky texture but i forget to add in).(optional)
butter paper / parchment paper - as needed.


=> dice finely/ shred the choco slab.
=> melt it along with butter and corn starch in the microwave on high for 20 -30 sec till it melts completely.
=> remove and stir well for a minute.
=> mix in peanuts n stir in once.
=> drop a tblsp / a tsp of this mix onto the butter paper / parchment paper.
=> refrigerate it for an hour and its now ready to dig in!..
=> preserve it in a air-tight container kept in refrigerator.

  1.  Just go on and play with any or combination of nuts you like, it can be pistas , cashews, raisins, almonds, cherries, tuti-frutti, marshmallows and even ready-made wafers.
  2. Can use white / semi dark choco slab also / can use white n dark for color combinations.
  3. Can be given a shape using choco molds which is widely available in the market.
  4. For kids, give it a shape n wrap it up with colorful wraps, they'll love it