01 April, 2011

Paneer Peda

Paneer Peda:

This is an Indian Dessert/sweet made out of paneer n milk solids. In India, this is made in every occasions to celebrate.

what is paneer?

Paneer is a type of soft, crumbly cheese native to India. The cheese is traditionally made with cow's milk, and it is readily available in many Indian markets. It is also very easy to make paneer at home.
The cheese is considered to be an acid set cheese,which means that the cheese is curdled and set with the assistance of an acid such as lemon or lime juice, rather than rennet and bacteria.since paneer has no rennet, it is safe for vegetarians to eat. Since it is made with whole milk, it is also very high in protein.

How to make Paneer?

  • To make paneer, heat  two liters of whole milk until it is almost boiling. 
  • Next, squeeze in the juice of a lemon in 1/4 cup of water n mix, pour half of this mixture slowly into the milk   and stir the milk with a wooden spoon.
  • The milk should start to curdle, forming a chunky white layer of curds from a thinner watery layer of whey(by-product of cheese making) . 
  • Add more lemon juice mixture if this does not occur, and stir for several minutes. 
  • Next, line a colander (bowl-shaped sieve used to drain liquids from foods) with clean cheese cloth or muslin cloth, and pour the curds and whey into the colander. The whey will drain off, leaving the curds behind. 
  • Twist the cheesecloth to squeeze additional whey out, and hang it over the sink for half an hour. 
  • After the half hour has elapsed, twist the cheesecloth again to compact the cheese and drain more whey away.
  • Hang the paneer for another half an hour, and then take it down and refrigerate it for several hours before use to compact it. 
  • Use the cheese within three day. 

Paneer Peda:


Paneer (preferably home made) - 1/2 cup (shredded).
Milk - 1/2 cup.
Milk powder - 1/2 cup.
Butter - 1 tbsp.
Sugar - 1/2 cup.
Cardamom Powder - 1/4 tsp.
Pistachios or Almonds (sliced) - 1 tsp( for garnishing).


=> Heat butter in a pan (preferably non-stick pan) , let it melt (shouldn't boil).

=> Add milk, milk powder and paneer, mix it well.

=> Stir continuously on medium flame till dough consistency is formed.

=> Now transfer the dough mixture into a bowl n let it cool.

=> Add sugar n cardamom powder n kneed well.

=> Now take a tablespoon of the mixture, make a ball n slightly press it on top or can use a cookie cutter to make different shapes.

=> Garnish 2 to 3 sliced Pistachios or Almonds.

=> Pedas can be refrigerated for a month.

Make it......Taste it.........Serve it.......n Enjoy.....but don't forget 2 drop ur valuable comment here......

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Hi I was just wondering how many panner pedas does this recipee make?

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