01 August, 2011

Chettinad fish-fry

Chettinad fish-fry
  It's a deep fry where the fish is marinated with freshly blended paste. here the ingredients are dry-roasted n blended to make a paste which is also used in the preparation of chettinad fish curry, so the paste can be made in a large quantity for both fish-fry n fish-curry which makes a perfect combo along with steamed rice....c'mon let's have a quick look on the procedure...


Fish - 20 small sliced pieces .
Garlic - 7 pods.
Shallots - 5-6.
Rice flour - 1 tbsp ( avoids the fish from more absorption of oil when deep-fried).
All-purpose flour / maida - 1 tbsp ( binds the marinated paste with the fish when deep-fried)
Dry curry leaves - 1/2 tsp.
Red color - 1/4 tsp (to give in an extra color)(opt)
Salt - as needed.

Dry-roast ingredients:
Cumin / zeera- 1 tsp.
Fennel seeds / saunf - 1 tsp.
Peppercorns - 15 nos.
Dry red chillies - 4.
Coriander seeds - 1 tbsp.


=> dry roast cumin seeds, fennel seeds, peppercorns, dry red chillies, coriander seeds n blend it.

=> blend together garlic pods, shallots along with the blended dry powder.

=> shift the blended paste to a blow, add rice flour, all-purpose flour, red color, salt, dry curry leaves n mix well.

=> apply the mix on to the fish n prick it with a fork to make the inner part of the fish to absorb the marinated paste.

=> marinate for 1 hour ( remember, more marination = more taste), this marination can also be done a day before n refrigerated n can be deep fries when needed but preferably use the marinated fish with in  a day.

=> deep - fry the marinated fish , transfer it to an absorbent paper  n enjoy...

Best combo idea 1 - chettinad fish curry, chettinad fish-fry, steam rice n salads.

Best combo idea 2 - chicken biryani ( click on the link for recipe), fish- fry, onion-tomato raitha n salads

Sending this recipe to kirthi's kitchen event - serve it-fried

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Chitra said...

wowwww....drooling over here.perfectly done...

veena said...

looks wow... i love fish fry..

Sharmilee! :) said...

Bookmarked to try...yummy looking

Krithi's Kitchen said...

Super tempting fish fry... so authentic too

Sneha Benny said...

First time in your blog !!! Loved your presentation.

suriya said...

wow meens..looks yummy..fish fry ..a must try

Ramya said...

mouthwatering :-)

Anonymous said...

Very useful for all of my roommates here in Boston...special thanks from Nanda,Saravanan,Chandru

hari said...

hi is it ok to not add lemon juice or tamarind while marinaiton? want to try it with prawns because i don't have fish in hand..but your pics forcing me to make me try it right now.. thank you so much

Meena Kannan said...

sure u can try it on as prawns is also a see food and adding lemon eliminates the pungent see smell from see foods but if u want to avoid adding lemon its okey there will be slight different in taste but still tastes good!

Mimi said...

How many kilos of fish is this marination for

Meena Kannan said...

3/4 kg of sliced or cubed fish requires this measurement for marination but you can + or - the ingredients according to ur taste!

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