07 March, 2019

OPOS Grape Jam
              (If you are new to opos then plz go thru what is opos(
Google in you tube with keyword"opos chef") => standardization => start with lesson1)

           Again I am jotting this recipe  below as well after a perusal from "Anyonecankoch" webpage along with an experiment on the same but this time with slight changes!

Recipe Courtesy : AnyOneCanKoch

I have to mention my humble thnx to Mr.Ramakrishnan ji for OPOS!


Grapes - 350 g (grind half portion to tiny chunks)
Apples - 2 (peeled, de-seeded, thin diced)
Sugar / Brown sugar/ Nattu_Sarkkarai - 300 g
Lemon - extract  juice from small lemon
Ginger - extract juice from 2 inch grated ginger


For cleaning Grapes (to get rid off all those pesticide coating)
    Step 1: plug off grapes from stem,  wash in clean water
    Step 2: place in bowl, add in 1 tsp salt + 1tsp baking soda and shake well
    Step 3: add in clean water + 1tblsp plain vineger and leave it sit for 1/2 an hour 
    Step 4: strain and rinse in drinking water.. thats it ready to go....

Now pulse 1/2 portion of grapes, chop 2 apples to small pieces

In a 5L cooker

Layer 1:  Add in grinded grapes and then whole grapes

Layer2: add in chopped apples

Layer 3: add in 300 grams white Sugar/ Brown sugar / Nattu_Sarkarai ( I used Nattu Sarkarai)

Layer 4: Juice from 1 small lemon + juice Concentrate from 2 inch grated ginger 

Close & keep on Medium Flame for 15 minutes

Switch off & let pressure settle 

Open, mix( it may seem watery but no worries...it will transform to semi solid consistency once it cooled down) & let it cool

Store it preferably in  Glass bottles with lid closed tight! and refrigerate!

                                   That's it! preservatives free home-made Jam is ready in minutes! Ennnnnjoooy!💁


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