14 July, 2011

How to make green gram sprouts?

How to make green gram sprouts?
                          Green gram sprouts is a power food to all ages. it contains much of energy n proteins that the body is always in need. Green gram itself a protein pack  but sprouted green gram is a protein powder pack . It contains active anti-oxidants that protect the body  from the effects of aging.

Traditional Way:  Traditionally, my mom used to soak green gram in water for 8-12 hours, drain the water, rinse it, place it in a cloth, tie n hang the cloth for 12 hours. Occasionally she used to spray little water on it to avoid drying of the cloth to make sprouts.

New way: I feel that the traditional method is little time consuming n need much of patience for checking it regularly ...

                   so I've done some alterations to make it simple ...in the same way, i soaked green gram overnight, drained the water and place it in an insulated food container or in a 'keep warm casserole' for 8 hours without disturbing, so the green gram gets germinated  within  8 hours  to b included in any dish.

                   Here i must say u that when i made sprouts for the first time, i soaked green gram in water n i was totally out of  thought for  2 days, when i got to see that after 2 days, oOMG, the sprouts are longer then usual n it's really an eye-treat, am happy that I've got more protein supplement for the particular day...so..the sprouts can b done  in this way too..it's the most easiest way..i should say...

ALERT: Sprouts are always best when eaten raw, because cooking destroys a large part of their nutritional value.

1) raw sprouts + raw chopped mangoes + fresh chopped cucumbers, little salt n a pinch of  chat masala make a tickling salad...

2) heat oil, temper mustard seeds, curry leaves n red chillies + sauteed chopped onions n sprouts makes a lite-bite for adults n kids.

3) can b included in making dhalls n in other dishes too.

4) can b grinded  to make Indian pan cakes  ( click on the link to know)

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