15 July, 2011

Sprouted Green Gram Dosa / Green dosa

Green Dosa
         It's an Indian pan cake, that's highly nutritious n tasty too. the color of this dosa attracts the kids n when they take a 1st bite, they'll sure ask for more. it's very easy to make that starts with grinding, adding in chopped onions n spread it on a pan to make pan cakes.

        I came to know about this recipe from my neighbor - Mrs. Sowmya Bharat, am happy to mention her name in this post that she's more then a friend of mine n she's such a lovely person whom i met  my life.

      since i need a low carb n high protein diet during my pregnancy, my neighbor suggested me this recipe as a high protein supplement food. Now a days, am making these pan cakes frequently for my kids.

I would like to dedicate this recipe to my Face-Book friend Mrs.Ananthi Krishnasamy, who placed a request for this recipe......DONE! 

Let's have a look on how to make it...  


How to make Green gram sprouts?  (click on the link to know! ).


Sprouted green gram / sprouted moong dhal - 1 cup.
Cilantro leaves - hand full.
Green chillies - 1 .
Cumin powder - 1 tsp.
Salt - as needed.
Onion - 1 (chopped).

Method : 

=> Grind in 1 cup of sprouted green gram + green chillies + cilantro leaves + cumin powder+ salt.

=> Transfer the mix to a bowl, add in the chopped onions n give in a stir.

=> Take a little mix n spread it on a hot dosa pan, wait for 1 minute, flip it upside down, wait for 5 seconds n  remove it from the pan.

=> That's it....ready to taste n serve.

 I love to have it with jaggery powder (rich in iron content)....Go green....

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